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I’ll help you navigate your brain and your thoughts, untangle the knots, and rediscover it as a place you'd like to hang out.

"Every once in a while there is an innovator who completely remakes reality."



Hi, I'm Ariel

I'm known as the co-founder of the breakthrough technology, Muse: The Brain Sensing headband, used by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. 

My MISSION is multi-fold: To support women to be kick ass in business, to mentor start-ups, and to contribute to the cutting edge of neuroscience.  My desire is to help you do a deep dive in understanding your brain, how it makes you who you are, and how to help you manage the crazy that resides in all our minds.

I am best known as the creator of MUSE.

MUSE is a tool designed to help you meditate.  This simple, wearable headband takes the ancient, tried and true practice of sitting with our thoughts, and makes it novel again. Even fun!    

Using brain sensors, MUSE gives you real-time feedback on your brain's activity during meditation -- actually letting you hear the sound of your own mind.

This simple headband has changed the lives of tens and thousands of people the world over -- and it can help you to get free of your inner critic and negative, anxious thoughts.  



I had a wild notion: that we could control the world directly with our mind. And I actually made it happen.

I worked with Steve Mann -- the inventor of the wearable computer, and with my co-founders -- to help people to do the impossible:  move physical objects with their brains. We lit buildings up at the Olympics, and even let people pour beers directly with their brain. We built a Silicon Valley backed start-up. Beer was fun, but we wanted to really make a significant difference improving peoples' every day lives. If you’re not working on something that’s making life better, what's the point, right? 

We then brought to market a tool now used by tens of thousands of people to help them understand and control their own mind. We were not held back by the thoughts in our own minds of what was possible or not for ourselves or technology.  And you don't have to be held back either. 


Ariel has spoken to audiences around the world. She's presented at the World Economic Forum, Le Web, MIT, Singularity University, Exponential Medicine Faculty etc.



Ariel and Muse have been featured in over 1000 articles and TV spots including Fortune, NBC, CBS, CNET, Business Inside (50 sexiest scientists!), Times India, Huffington Post, GQ, Tim Ferris, Popular Science, New York Times, and multiple times on CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch etc



Ariel is guest host on Meditation Studio and Muse's podcast Untangle: Inside the Head Of....


In each episode, we get inside the heads of Neuroscientists, Psychotherapists, Meditators, and an eclectic mix of experts skilled in the mental arts. They'll take us on a unique journey of learning not just about their cutting edge work, but also about their insights into how their own brain works. It's a special window on learning about the brain,  how to optimize it, and how the manage the crazy that sometimes floods all of our minds.