• Ariel Garten


The world has lost two great creative forces this week. We mourn deeply the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. We also mourn the deaths of hundreds of thousands of others who are less prominent, whose name we didn’t know and will never know. Who were beautiful humans whose personal pain kept them from living fully with the nourishment of their own worth.

Anxiety, depression, low self, esteem, addiction, and stress touch all of our lives. For most of us it’s manageable or the touch is light. For some the blocks, beliefs and negative drivers in their own are overwhelming.

We need to foster a culture in which there is no shame in being complex and contradictory, and just human. A culture in which we support one another rather than ridicule and deride. A culture where the plague of perfectionism anxiety is named and solutions implemented at a young age, and where addiction doesn’t carry the stigma of the shame that drives it deeper and deeper into a habit. Where we unconditionally support one another to feel good and safe in our own minds, and to feel safe enough to talk about it, so the tools and life saving strategies that are needed can flow immediately.

Mental Health is every one’s health. We all deserve to live with good mental health. We all have struggles and deserve to be openly loved through them. The more stories we share and learn about how we cope, and what we’re coping with, the more we encourage a culture that isn’t afraid to #shareyourmentalhealth.

Like “#MeToo” blew open the doors to sexual harassment for women and took a hard subject out of the closet and onto everyone’s lips, we now as well have the sad but optimal opportunity to crack open the stigma of mental health that both prevents talking about our pain and prevents people recognizing it. Let’s talk about it. Let’s get open and honest. Let’s understand that this doesn’t touch the few, it touches us all. Let’s understand there are tools that can help. Let’s make it OK to see a therapist regularly, because we can all use help figuring stuff out. Let’s talk about our issues so we can share community support, promote solutions, and encourage ongoing connection. Let’s teach meditation to our kids, and let’s take the twin powers of talk therapy and science and make them necessary and fully accessible tools available to to everyone walking into their doctor’s office for a check up, willing to talk about their needs as they would about a common cold.

Share your stories and solutions so others have a place to turn and know what to do.

#letstalk #mymentalhealth #endthestigma #sicknotweak

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