Once I got the knack of Musing, it didn’t take long for me to notice a greater sense of awareness spilling over into everyday life. I’d suddenly find myself acutely conscious of whatever was directly before me—my daughter sitting on my lap, the colleague I was speaking to—and even the smell of coffee wafting from the espresso bar a block away.

Picture a device that can rank the activities in your life that bring you joy, or interject your typed words with your feelings.One woman has helped create just that.

These entrepreneurs break the mold of stereotypical female-run businesses, some creating market disruptors that effectively compete against established ways of working or enable today’s most innovative technologies.

It literally senses your mental state, and functions accordingly with sounds that will ensure you don’t steer away from your calm state.

She’s closing the gap between science, art, technology and business.

It takes a certain kind of person to be able to take an idea that people raise an eyebrow to, and make it real.


I wanted to create a tool that would help people exercise their minds in the most positive and productive way—not just with cognitive exercises alone, but also with a focus towards building emotional resilience. 


...Playing it—I mean, meditating with it—is addictive.

It's the gift of a sound mind.

It's creating a frenzy of excitement.

Muse is actually as good as it sounds.

noteworthy press

*There are literally thousands of articles online and in print that have been written about Ariel Garten and Muse, here are a sampling:

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