Ariel has spoken and keynoted at conferences, universities and companies around the world such as World Economic Forum, Le Web, CES, Exponential Medicine, IEEE, MIT, Singluarity University, Walmart, Genentech and many more. 


Some of the topics Ariel speaks on are:

  • The future of technology and humanity

  • Female Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

  • How sensors and personal computing will be a key component of future technology

  • Ariel's entrepreneurial journey raising $18M in venture funding and the lessons learned from going from a basement to Best buy

  • How to create a Mindset of Innovation and Creativity

  • Optimism and it's importance

  • How your brain works and how to optimize it

  • How to meditate, and the neuroscience of how meditation changes the brain



Muse hosts special events and creates interactive installations for larger events, that are designed to introduce groups of people to our technology. We call these events Muse Experiences. 

We create "Calm zones" where we can bring meditation technology to events and conferences and allow people to drop in for a short meditation and recharge as they hear the sound of their brain in real time as they meditate. We also host workshops where up to 20 people at a time together can learn about their brain and meditate together with Muse.

We also create stunning sound and light experiences thanks to our partner Nano Leaf. Here are some images of past Muse Experiences:

upcoming events for ariel