condensed episode (45 minutes):


How to Remember Anything


About the Episode:

In episode 157 of Untangle, we dive into the head of celebrity brain trainer Jim Kwik. He teaches the tools and tricks of enhanced learning, speed reading and memorization to the stars. He shares great insights about how the brain works when it learns and how we can all apply that process to learn better. Jim is an amazing friend and I hope you enjoy our conversation. I'm sure you'll take away some brainy meaningful insights from it.

About Jim Kwik:

Jim Kwik is a celebrity brain trainer who teaches tools and techniques to optimize your brain to learn and remember.

Jim works with Elon Musk, Jim Carrey, Richard Branson - among many others.

Jim and I had a great time on the show. In the episode, Jim shares his brain-enhancing learning and memory techniques. 

Learn more about Jim on his website

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