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Finding Mystery in the Holidays. Quiet the Busyness to Uncover your Sense of Wonder. 

As children, the holidays hold an undeniable sense of magic. As adults, we can lose our sense of that magic in the busyness and obligation of the season. In this special holiday episode of Untangle, we learn that we can uncover the magic and mystery that is there for us all to savour if we can get quiet enough to listen. This beautiful episode inspires us to hear, see and taste it. It might just change how you think about the holidays. Our guest is Father John Markey, an LGBTQ Roman-Catholic priest and professor of theology and spirituality at Oblate School of Theology. We've saved everyone a seat at our holiday table.


Learn more about Fr. John Markey, O.P., Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Ph.D. in Spirituality Program at Oblate School of Theology here.


Read Fr. John Markey's book, Moses in Pharaoh's House, here.



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